Black Cat

Black Cat is hyper minimalistic addictive (or relaxing) game with one never-ending level and zero (clear) graphical design.

Rules – Your goal is simple: fall as deep as possible and score as many points as you can.

You get points when you:
– hit blue, red and grey lines
– bounce back (black and red lines)

bc_def bc_inplay

The score for each hit depends onthe size of the line and on your speed. The grey lies give you the most points.
You gain health when you:
– hit a blue line
– bounce back (black and red lines)

You loose health when you:
– hit red lines
– are falling

When is the game over?
– When you loose all your health.
– When you fall out of the level.

bc_infotek bc_tapinplay
– Always watch your health.
– If your cat (black rectangle) is blinking red, you are about to die.
– Hitting a line with great speed gives you more points.

Under ‘Infotek’ you can:
– See your scores.
– Turn music on or off.
– Turn sound effect on and off.
– Choose between ‘Tilt’ and ‘Tap’ modes.
– Choose if the score or the background should flesh whenever you hit a line that gives or takes health.

Have Fun!


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