The Badlion’s Garage Synth

2.0 | synthetic pollution

It’s a very simple iOS music app, just pick a beat and play some tunes over it, add some fxs and you already have a hot track to listen to.

– 54 beats – changeable volume and tempo
– 16 samples – 4 octaves – A/B set
– 64 homemade fxs – loop or stop (once) functions
– Tilt – you can pitch notes by tilting the device
– Hot/Cool UI: selectable keyboard skin

bl_ipad_retina_store1The following sounds can be found in the synth:
– samples: analog synthesizer, xylophone, fx
– beats: paperbox, metal pin, mac keyboard, voices
– fx: buzzsaw, blower, lawnmower, drill, kids’ toys, guitar, acoustic noises, voices, nature sounds

Only on iPhone 5 and iPad:
+ 10 x 5 own beats by BEAT-CREATOR

bl_ipad_retina_store2Don’t forget to connect your loudspeakers or headphones to get the full experience!

If you get the hang of it, you’ll be hanging out with it all the time.

If you have second thoughts about purchasing:
a) see this independent review and watch the iPad 1.0 edition video /by ‘Cut the Noise’ blog
b) try the free version: The Badlion’s Lite

Have fun!


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